PAINTING CONCEPTS offers a well organized, professional approach to paint contracting.

We hold integrity as our ideal and simply put, we are committed to doing what we have said we will do. No compromises, no mistakes. We take pride in our reputation as a Company with a strong focus on customer service, a commitment to meeting delivery time line expectations and competitive pricing.

Our painters follow a rigorous process that includes priming, filling, sanding and Caulking before the first coat of paint is even applied to your custom work. You may find other contractors who would argue such an approach is excessive, but we know it is the best way to ensure perfection.

Painting Concepts makes it easy for you to work with us. We strive to be as flexible as
Possible, working closely with you to:

Painting Concepts has set, as this we feel is a higher standard for the industry. Phone calls are returned promptly, appointments are kept, prices are fair, workmanship standards are high and our painters show up clean, neat, and sober. We value the opportunity to be of service.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us by email at or by telephone at (561)-586-7121. We look forward to hearing from you.